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You have found the perfect place to find the best kids gardening activities, reviews and ideas to make gardening with your kids fun!

Hi! My name is Wendy and I love gardening especially with my kids and now my grandchildren! I have spent decades out in the garden sharing my love for gardening, growing vegetables and creating special gardening spaces that entice all the senses. 

Kids can learn so much by being out in the garden. Gardening engages all the senses – sight, smell, sounds, touch and yes even taste! Have you ever thought about growing a vegetable garden for kids or children’s herb garden? Getting kids into the garden to grow their own food teaches responsibility, patience as well as encouraging healthy eating! You might even get those picky eaters finally eating their veggies!

Perhaps you would like to create a sensory garden for kids or a DIY fairy garden for kids. Sensory gardens can be a calming place and a gentle way to engage the senses. Encourage curiosity and discover some of the hidden beauties a garden can offer. Allow your kids to smell the wonderful scents of the garden, feel the texture of the soil, listen for the rustle of leaves or the sound of wildlife and search for hidden treasures – butterflies, ladybeetles, new plants and many more!

You will also find the best reviews on all the latest gardening products. Find the best herbie aerogarden or the best kids raised garden beds on the market. All this information is in one place to answer all your questions and allow you to spend more time out having fun in the garden with kids!

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