4 Things You Need to Know About Container Gardening for Kids

As simple as container gardening for kids sounds and looks, there are a number of things to put under close consideration when approaching this gardening method. Container gardening, also referred to as pot gardening, is a method of gardening where you grow your plants in a suitable container or pot instead of planting them directly on the ground. 

This type of gardening is suitable for children and is a great choice for people who do not have a farm or garden. If you are looking to start container gardening for children, this articles lets you know about some important things you should know before diving into it. Let’s look at them below!


1. Soil type is very important

Most times, everyone thinks it is as easy as digging out some soil from your garden and putting it into a container. Of course, you can use the soil from your garden but it also requires some modifications since plants get their nutrients from the soil. Garden soils mostly just stay compact in the container, depriving the plant of oxygen, proper drainage and nutrients needed for growth. 

For a successful container gardening experience for kids, you will need to purchase the best soil mix for the plant you choose to grow. You can also decide to make the potting mix yourself. Potting mix, unlike garden soil, is light, aerated, and supports drainage. Different plants do great on different soil types. 

Furthermore, it is important to know that as your plants grow you should routinely water them and add the right type of manure to the soil. 

2. Container choice has great implications

There are many options of containers for gardening. From the very simple polythene plastic bags, plastic pots, clay pots, juice boxes, glass jugs, to ceramic pots, wooden  and concrete planter boxes, metallic pots and even self watering containers, it is a whole lot. 

The type of plant you want to grow with your kids would help narrow down these options. If you’re planting something like carrots that grow deep into the soil, you should consider a container that is suitable. Small plants don’t need large containers considering the plant to pot ratio. A big container and small plant may make it seem like your plants are not growing well. 

In positioning your container, sunlight proximity is important to note, alongside a breathable and drainage supportive container. You should always consider a container that you can drill holes in for this purpose. 

It is also important to keep in mind that any type of container you choose to work with must be safe to use by your children. You can go for the type of container that is made of a food-safe material. In that way, you are sure that your kids are free from hazards and other inconveniences.

Lastly, if you want to keep a fun and entertaining experience of container gardening for kids, you should consider a container they can decorate and paint on. Yes! You should definitely bring out the creative side of your children alongside a great gardening experience!

3. Plant selection

When picking vegetables or flowers for a container garden, you should get enough information first and be sure that it supports this method of gardening. Therefore, if you’re going to be planting more than one type of vegetable or flower as the case may be, look out for the ones that have similar growth requirements in terms of sunlight and water. This is important so you don’t get confused and so that it is easier to handle. 

You may also want to make sure that you buy your seeds or seedlings from a trusted source. This is to avoid buying and planting infected seeds that may not yield fruits, die, and later on, may lead to wasted planting efforts. 

4. Get the right information and set achievable goals

Acquiring correct and useful information is essential to succeeding in any project you want to embark on. Before you start the process of container gardening with children, be well informed about the plant you’ll be using, its requirement for growth, and what container gardening itself is all about. 

It’s also important that you don’t do more than what you can handle. It may be overwhelming to plant as many plants you want, but it’s best to choose plants you can maintain so you won’t plant more than what you can monitor. 


The Pros of Container Gardening for Kids

1. Mobility

This feature is peculiar to container gardening. You can get to move your garden from one place to another only if it is a container garden. The advantage of this is that you can position it in the most conducive place for its growth in terms of sunlight, availability of oxygen, and even somewhere close to water source for easy watering. 

You can also place it in a place within your reach so you don’t forget about it and you can keep an eye on the kids when they are working on it. 

2. Cost-effective

For container gardening with children, you will not need to spend as much as you would if you’re setting up a real garden. With this method of gardening, you cut out the cost of getting some tools that you would have needed when working with a larger garden bed. 

In addition, you would not have to bother about purchasing pesticides because your plants are less prone to pest infestation since the soil used is most likely sterile. 

A container garden would also not require you to pay a gardener to pick out weeds. And if ever weed grows at all, you can easily pick them out yourself or have your kids do it alongside with you. 

3. Serve aesthetic purposes

There’s no doubt that a beautiful, decorated clay pot will add aesthetic value to your bedroom, living room, or your home, overall. Putting a pot of growing and colorful flowers at your entrance will likewise bring vibrance and draw the attention of your visitors.

4. Easy to monitor

Unlike a large garden space, a container garden would be much easier for kids to handle. Further, less efforts will be needed as there is limited space to water and weed the plant.

5. Same result for less

With container gardening for children you can still grow your vegetables and flowers without an actual garden. Your kids’ container garden will surely blossom, bear fruits, and will still give as much fun, satisfaction, and sense of fulfillment, just as the garden bed will bring. 


Final Words

Now there you have it! If you have been wondering about the benefits of container gardening for kids, this might just be the cue you need to go ahead and do it with them! Just don’t forget about some factors you have to be considerate about to ensure that your container gardening experience is fun and worthwhile.