Best Herbie Aerogarden Reviews for 2023

Who says you need heaps of outdoor space to make a wonderful garden?! Whether you live in an apartment or have a small backyard you can still create a garden worthy of your time and effort! The kids will love some greenery indoors and better still – if they can eat what they grow – what is there not to love!

How? Well, Aerogardens is the answer to all your small garden needs.

Aerogardens are nothing but a type of a countertop planting device, manufactured by a company called AeroGrow International. Put simply, they are the indoor garden planting kits that allows you to grow anything, anywhere, anytime without the use of weeds and soil. Isn’t that interesting!

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aerogarden ultra

These self-watering aerogarden pods are dirt-free and do not require soil as they use aeroponic technology to grow plants. Gardening has never been so easy; thanks to the aerogarden which prompts you periodically when there’s a need to add water and nutrients without the creation of any mess.

Not only for adults, but you’ll also find Aerogardens for kids in the market and they are popularly known as Herbie aerogardens. They are a great garden activity for children!

So now you must be wondering as where you can find the best herbie aerogardens?

To guide you in buying aerogarden pods, we’ve shortlisted some of the must-have kids aerogardens as well aerogardens for adults:

First, let’s look into the Kids Aerogardens…

Our Top Aerogarden Reviews

#1 AeroGarden Herbie Kid’s Garden

The main advantage of Herbie is that all the plants grow hydroponically so theres no need of soil, and no hassles of having mess. On top of that, Herbie comes with a fun-loving and educational activity book that will keep your kids’ hooked up to indoor gardening along with some learning about hydroponics.

Available as a safe-to-touch energy efficient LED grow light, kids’ can simply turn the LED on when they wake up and can turn it off when going to bed. It’s that simple and they will be amazed to see the plants growing in Herbie, within no time.

This Herbie Aerogarden comes with everything your kids need to grow starting from grow sponges to grow domes, from measuring cup to seeds, from dropper to dry erase marker and a tape.

You can’t afford to miss this smart Aerogarden for kids; thanks to its versatile features such as ease of use, convenience, no soil, no mess, fresh produce and endless possibilities. 

What about Aerogardens for Adults? 

The Aerogarden for adults are available in different models depending on the growing space for the plants. Take your kids herbie aerogarden to the next level and everyone can reap the rewards! They are classified as Aerogarden Sprout, Aerogarden Harvest and Aerogarden Ultra.

#1 AeroGarden Sprout

Overview: This little black Aerogarden sprout is a 3-pod garden ideal for growing 3 plants at a time. Available in 3 colours, the Aerogarden sprout is 10 inches in height and comes with a gourmet herb seed kit.

The easy to use control panel prompts you when to add water, and keeps on reminding you about the right time to add plant food which is included in the kit. This smart in-home garden system is equipped with a 10-watt energy efficient LED light that turns lights on and off automatically as per the specific needs of the plants.

You can’t afford to miss this smart indoor countertop garden that will grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round with less hassles.

#2 AeroGarden Harvest


Overview: In comparison to Aerogarden Sprout, Aerogarden Harvest lets you grow six plants at a time. With 12inches in height and available in different shapes along with standard or premium finishes, this Aerogarden kit is a bit more advanced version.

The adjustable 12inch lamp arm allows you to grow taller plants and 20 watt LED lights reminds you of the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.

This 6-pod indoor harvest garden is the most popular variant of Aerogardens; thanks to the wide number of options available with respect to shapes and finish. Just like all other Aerogardens, this smart countertop planter model also comes with a gourmet herb seed kit..

#3 AeroGarden Ultra

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Overview: The big daddy of Aerogardens! This Aerogarden ultra family comes with an additional pod i.e. you can grow 7 plants at a time.

Similar to other home garden systems, this too comes with an easy to use control panel that lets you know the right time to add water, and plant food, without the hassles of having the right fertile soil. The 30 watts of high performance, energy efficient LED lights are tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.

The smart LED lights serve different purposes like white LEDs are for fast growth, blue LEDs for bigger yields, and red LEDs for more flowers and fruit. Not only this, but there’s also an interactive LCD screen display available in the Aerogarden that guides you from setup to harvest, and provides helpful gardening tips.

All the Aerogarden variants listed above grow plants up to 5 times faster than when grown in soil. So why resort to stress of digging the soil when you can simply grow your favorite plants and veggies indoors with these smart countertop Aerogarden planters. 

Not only you but your kids’ will also love indoor gardening with Herbie Aerogardens and enjoy the pleasures of eating fresh, healthy home-grown produce.

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