Get Outdoors with these Fall Garden Activities for Kids

Ditch the Fall Season boredom with these Fall garden activities for kids! These fun, creative and adventurous ideas will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Fall Season should not be that boring for kids since there are a lot of fall garden activities for kids that they can enjoy! Getting involved in gardening activities can bring a lot of good and lasting effects to their growth. Also, the fall season offers a broad spectrum of benefits for planting activities. 

Furthermore, the stimulating autumn atmosphere makes it easier not only for the kids but also for plants. Kids wouldn’t also have any problems dealing with plant pests and may need to do a little less watering than required. This makes gardening a good fall activity that keeps them from getting bored.

As they say, there is no better way of getting your child to spark their creativity than bringing them outside and making them involved in a lot of fun activities. Also, autumn garden activities are lovely for children to learn a lot from nature itself and be more self-sufficient.

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fall garden activities for kids

What Can You Plant in The Fall for Kids?

If you wonder what to plant on your fall garden activities for kids, you are on the right page. Here are some of the plants you can try that your kids will have fun planting.


Your kids may already be familiar with this plant, and they might enjoy including this in their autumn garden activities as it is an easy plant to take care of. What makes it an easy fall gardening plant for kids is the fact that it quickly sprouts from its seeds. Just a tip: allow them to plant four lettuce per square.


Kids will sure enjoy planting broccoli as these plants grow precisely like what they look in the store. It is easily recognizable, making it quick to pique the interest of children. A good planting tip for these plants is always starting with a transplant and planting one per square.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

As the name says, this plant has a lot of colors that are undoubtedly eye-catching for children. Children love to play with vibrant colors, and this plant is one way to keep them engaged in autumn garden activities for kids. Additionally, this plant is easy to grow when using transplants, and kids can also try starting propagation with seeds. Planting tip: four Swiss chard per square will do.


Another easy plant to grow for kids is garlic. Kids will only have to plant the bulb or the cloves they usually see in the kitchen. When planting garlic, guide the kids into planting the cloves about two inches deep into the soil and cover with about 2 to 4 inches of shredded leaves and compost.

Pansies & Violas

If you wanted something colorful and vibrant like flowers, then pansies and violas are excellent flower picks. This plant will easily catch your kid’s attention due to its attractive color. Pansies also have a wide range of colors to choose from, which can help add life to your garden. 

Moreover, pansies are easier to grow during the fall season since their roots will establish quickly on still-warm soils. The kids will also love picking the flowers and making their bouquets with this plant. Your kids can plant four pansies per square.


Although kales may not be your child’s favorite, it is still an excellent plant to include in your fall garden activities for kids. Trying to grow kale as big as a “dinosaur,” as kids would prefer calling it, will make it something they’ll look forward to. It is recommended to plant kale in September for zones eight above and use transplants if you live in a much cooler region. You may as well want to plant one kale per one square.


What makes radishes an ideal fall gardening plant for kids is that it will take less than a month to grow. Aside from that, radishes come in different colors, and children will love watching them grow. For this garden plant, use 16 radishes per square.


Leeks are also worth considering for your kid’s fall gardening activities. These transplants are available in the market, and planting them is an excellent way to engage your child during the fall. The best way to plant leeks is to place nine of them per square.


Most kids may be familiar with carrots, as shown in cartoons involving a rabbit protagonist. Kids would be surprised to learn that carrot grows underground and remains hidden until it is large enough for harvesting. 

Planting and harvesting carrots can be exciting for kids, and they can get to enjoy the fruit of their labor as well. Besides, planting carrots will teach your kids a valuable trait of patience since it takes weeks to sprout. When it comes to planting carrots, put 16 per square.

Additional Fall Gardening Activities for Children

Gardening can help with the children’s growth as well as improve their behavior. Aside from that, getting active will motivate them and enhance their work ethics. While it is true that sometimes, gardening plants will also go down as fall approaches, take this opportunity to bond with your children and let them learn more.

While waiting for their plants to grow, keep the children busy by doing other fall outdoor activities they can enjoy. Like any different season, there are many things a kid can do to make them more active and learn along the process. Fall garden activities for kids might get a little repetitive, and kids will get easily bored, so make sure to entertain them with other entertaining fall activities.

With this, here are some fall garden activities for kids you don’t want to miss out on:

Start with cleaning up.

As you might have observed already, kids love playing around with dirt, which boosts their creativity even more. Take advantage of this and teach your kid to clean up the garden. This is important before starting your gardening lessons for them.

Take Time to Decorate

Kids also love decors, and decorating the garden will keep them busy while still enjoying them at the same time. For instance, you may want to build a birdhouse near the garden or buy some colorful garden statues to place around. When you buy decorations, it is a good idea to ask your kid for decoration suggestions to be delighted doing the decoration.

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Searching for Bugs

Fall is an ideal time for bug hunting. Since the soil may be moist around this season and the temperature is a lot cooler, hunting for bugs is one of the excellent fall garden activities for kids. This is also a great way for children to learn and distinguish bugs.

Preparing for Spring

As you engage in fall garden activities for kids, don’t forget to prepare for the upcoming season. You can always plant something in preparation for spring. Take the time to grow spring-blooming plants like daffodils and tulips that kids will look forward to for the next season. This will make them more excited for the next season and continue to motivate them in gardening.

Find other Creative Fall Inspiration

There are several ways that you can make your kid’s creative side flourish. A good example is by encouraging them to draw with crayons and sketchpads what they capture during their fall moments. Make them love every activity by letting them play around as much as possible while making sure that they learn along the way.

Collect some colorful leaves from your garden or local park and create a beautiful picture or artwork!

fall garden craft activities

Take Care of the Environment

Gardening will also teach the children about other core qualities like caretaking, responsibility, environmental awareness, and independence. By introducing gardening, they will be more aware of how the plants grow, where they are coming from, and their necessity to the environment and our daily lives. 

By doing this, you will nurture their care for the environment and their curiosity about other living things. Besides, telling your kids that gardening can help preserve other animals will keep them interested in doing the activity. Make a plan on the type of plants that can significantly benefit bees, birds, and other animals. 

autumn garden activities for kids

Final Thoughts

The above fall garden activities for kids are a great way to keep your child’s growth and knowledge expanding more. Kids love playing around, so gardening will be an easy job for them. Gardens can make a great place for children to learn more, cultivate their behavior, enhance creativity, and boost their learning experience.

It is considered a regular match. Aside from that, this activity will teach them about the cycle of life processes where they can watch how the plants grow in certain conditions.

Kids are naturally curious, so you have to be patient with them when teaching about the basis of gardening and how other seasons affect the plants.

Make sure to be creative with your lessons so they will be interested in gardening and do the activity on their own. Also, it is a good bonding time with your children and will help you know your child’s best interest more.