About Us

Our aim is simple.

Here at Fun Gardening with Kids our aim is to get kids into the garden, get their little hands dirty and discover all that the garden has to offer. Whether you are gardening with toddlers, looking for easy plants for kids to grow or even creating a children’s secret garden – we have you covered with all the best kids gardening ideas, tips and reviews.

Gardening has a range of benefits for kids

Our love for gardening with kids stems from the number of benefits that come with it. Gardening offers many fun and interesting opportunities for kids to learn and grow. Gardening engages the senses – smell the beautiful flowers, feel the texture of the soil and see the nature around them. It also builds strength and develops motor skills because gardening can be physical work!

Why not eat what you grow?

Have you ever considered growing a kids herb garden or kids vegetable patch? Growing fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs encourages healthy eating because if your kids can be involved in the growing process they are more likely to eat them!

Get inspired!

We hope you can gain some wonderful ideas and gain the best reviews on the latest products so you can spend more time out in the garden!