Gardening Gifts for Kids – Our 2023 Guide for Parents

Thinking what to give your child as a birthday or Christmas present? Well think no further, Our Gardening gifts for kids list is the ultimate answer to your problems and has been specifically designed for parents that are looking for something green and eco-friendly to gift their little gardeners that adore gardening.

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If your kid loves gardening, our 2021 guide of gifts for little gardeners will help you decide what exactly to buy for your budding gardener. You can buy some of these gifts and pack them together as a huge gift hamper that your child will never forget.

1. Let’s Get Gardening Hardcover – Gifts for Little Gardeners

To instill a love for gardening this book is a treat for your little gardener. The book contains 30 projects and has fantastic illustrations to inspire a passion for gardening in kids. The book is a step-by-step guide and has projects such as beekeeping and butterflies, vegetable and fruit growing and looking after animal habitats. It is undoubtedly one of the best books on gardening out there for kids and one of the best gardening gifts for kids.

fun gardening for kids

2. Creativity for Kids Magic Bean Garden, Reveal & Grow Magic Messages – Nature & Garden Gift Kit for Kids

Creativity for Kids Magic Bean Garden

This is another fantastic gardening gift set for kids which consists of 5 paint colors, a planter, paintbrush, a potting mix and 3 magic beans. Your kids can paint the planter as they like, and the best thing about this gift set is that the magical beans grow in a week and reveal a secret message on the pods! This is also a great STEM learning resource as your child gets to see and observe a plant life cycle. This is an excellent way to develop your child’s learning and gardening skills.

fun gardening for kids

3. Growsland Terrarium Kit Toys for Kids – Gardening Gifts for Kids

A fun whimsical and creative way to make your child fall in love with gardening is introducing them to this fantastic terrarium kit toy. The kit comes with an easy step by step guide on how to make your terrarium from scratch. Learning science and building an eco-system has not been this fun before! A great outdoor and indoor gardening activity.

Make sure your kid keeps watering the terrarium frequently, as mentioned in the guide. It is definitely a great healthy and wholesome way to get your child’s hands dirty in the soil. This activity will boost your little gardener’s creativity and enhance his/her imagination.

fun gardening for kids

4. Kids Gardening Tools Set – Gifts for Little Gardeners

This gardening toolset will make an excellent gift for little gardeners who are serious and enthusiastic about gardening. This gift set for little gardeners comes with a mini trowel, rake, shovel, watering can, gloves and storage bag. The set is made from durable and robust metal, and the handles are made from sturdy and strong wood. The bright colors will make the kids fall in love with the gardening gift set in a first glance.

fun gardening for kids

5. WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Accessories Kit

Introduce a little magic into your kid’s life by introducing them to build your own mini fairy garden. This gardening set can serve as a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your little gardener with magical LED lights and gnomes and fairies to attract the kids (and fairies!).

Kids will learn about when and how to plant, soil, seed, and water the plants using this set. It is an impressive way to encourage creativity in kids and enhance their gardening skills. If you want to take your fairy garden to the next level learn how to make a DIY fairy garden for kids here.

fun gardening for kids

6. Toysmith Beetle & Bee Kids Garden Tote Kit

Toysmith’s Beetle and Bee kids set is the ultimate gardening gift for kids. The set consists of a kid’s hand rake, a shovel, a trowel, and a tote bag. The bag has an overall beetle and bee prints on it. It is best for kids of age 5 years and up. To introduce a love for gardening in kids and encourage them to participate in gardening activities, this gardening gift set for toddlers and kids is the best way to do it. Parents will equally love it, and kids will adore their parents for gifting them this set.

fun gardening for kids
We hope our Gardening gifts for kids list provide you with a good idea of what to gift your little gardener on her/his next birthday. All these gardening items are available on Amazon for excellent prices. These gardening gifts and gifts sets are a fantastic way to show love to your budding helper and infuse a love for nature in them.