Gardening Activities for Kids

Big or Small - Any Garden is a Good Garden for Fun Gardening Activities

Getting out into the garden can be great fun and have lots of benefits for our kids. Not only is it physical work, it also creates a natural learning space where kids can learn about science, nature, food, responsibility and sharing. Did we mention that its lots of fun?! It doesn’t matter if you have  a big garden, a small garden or just some pots sitting on the window sill – any garden is a good garden and one that can bring lots of joy!

Lets Get Dirty and Build Your Child's Immune Health

Gardening even improves a child’s resistance to germs because they are exposed to all the tiny microbes in the soil. This can reduce risk of allergies and improve their immune system.

Be Inspired with the Best Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers

You might be thinking what can I do with my kids in the garden? Look no further! We have some great ideas, top reviews on gardening products and advice on what can get the kids outdoors and into the garden.

We have a range of ideas from planting activities for toddlers – why not decorate some planters or create a sensory garden. To gardening with older kids – perhaps you can consider some raised garden beds or think about creating a kids butterfly garden where you can sit back and watch their imagination fly free with the butterflies.

Find Your Next Fun Gardening Activity