5 Top Enchanted Fairy House Kits – Create a Magical Fairy Garden

Miniature fairy house kits are a growing trend as garden accessories for little kids. The small accessories are charming and bring your garden to life with magical fairies, lights, and other whimsical figurines.

They add fun to outdoor or indoor gardening activities. If you believe in magical creatures and want to attract them to your backyard garden, enchanted fairy house kits are a greatway to bring your DIY Fairy Garden to life!

We have gathered five top enchanted fairy house kits you can add to your collection.

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Create some Fair Magic with these 5 Best Enchanted Fairy House Kits

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden House Kit 

Create a whimsical fairy garden with Pretmanns garden kit and excite your inner child. This kit makes a beautiful fairy accessory that would upgrade your outdoor garden.

Pretmanns fairy houses have an adorable thatched roof and natural stone-like finish. The little garden house is charming and decorated with red love heart shapes. The front door and windows have a wooden finish that can open when required and are decorated with a cute little red heart. Your kids will love and would be a perfectly good reason to help them start a little garden with fairies watching over the garden.

The kit comes with two fairies, Skylar’s holding a lantern, and Willow has a frog in her hands. The fairies are dressed in soft colorful dresses matching their bright wings. The kit also comes with a “Fairies Welcome” sign to tie the whole setup together. The garden kit is adorable and prettier in real life than on screen.

All the fairy accessories are painted in attractive colors to stand out in the outdoor fairy garden. The garden kit comes in a lovely package and makes the perfect gift for birthdays, Easter holidays, Christmas, or Mother’s day. All objects are handmade and carefully packed to arrive safely.


  • Lovely little fairies with objects
  • The fairy house is realistic
  • It’s perfect for any outdoor garden
  • It makes a wonderful gift
  • High-quality fairy products


  • Does not glow in the dark

Fairy and Garden Gnome Tree  

Enter a world of magic and fantasy with this grandpa tree. It pairs well with other figurines and you can decorate it, however, you want. If you love miniature gardens this tree would add character to your fairy garden kit.

This grandpa tree is beautifully hand-painted and comes with a “welcome” tire swing that glows in the dark. The tree represents a magical place where all the garden fairies, gnomes, sprites, and pixies gather. It is the perfect addition for miniature garden enthusiasts.

The design and artistry are a masterpiece with attention to the smallest details for a realistic look. It’s made of high-quality resin with features that stand out in the outdoors. The materials used are waterproof and non-toxic and won’t harm your plants. Each tree is designed and painted by hand making it 100% unique.

It stands at 9 inches tall in any garden and would pair perfectly with gnome gardens, miniature gardens, home or office décor, garden fairy kits, and other indoor décor plants.


  • The tree looks natural in the outdoor garden
  • The welcome sign glows in the dark
  • It is handmade and painted by the artist
  • It’s made of non-toxic resin
  • It is waterproof


  • Does not come with other miniature figurines

Hand Painted Fairy Garden Set

This garden fairy kit is well built with cute accessories to bring the idea to life. It’s made of molded resin to endure all seasons and still make your magical fairy garden stand out.

If you’re looking for a fairy garden set, this kit has everything you need. It comes with a miniature fairy house, 2 fairy figurines, a bridge, 4 glow-in-the-dark logs, a bench, 2 rabbits carrying mushroom umbrellas, a bird table, and a welcome lamppost. This entire piece brings your garden to life, especially at night.

The fairy garden encourages children’s imaginative play and adults to believe in fairies. The kit improves bonding time between parents and kids during their fun outdoor garden activities. All the accessories are made of molded resin that is waterproof, sturdy, and durable. The figurines can withstand extreme weather and won’t fade over time.

It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones during special events like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, housewarming gifts, and other special days. It helps build your wonderland in your backyard.


  • It comes with up to 14 accessories
  • The figurines glow in the dark
  • The accessories are made of molded resin for durability, sturdiness, and waterproof properties
  • It makes the perfect gift


  • The windows or door don’t open

Little Growers Fairy Garden Craft Kit

This is a fun DIY fantasy project that allows your kids’ imaginations to shine. The kids can plant, paint, customize, and watch their plants grow.

Little growers allow your kids creativity by offering them a chance to paint, plant, grow, and customize their airy garden. This is a DIY fairy garden and comes with high-quality materials allowing them to design and personalize, however, they like. You can chip in and use the time as bonding time.  

This kit comes with enchanted fairy lights that glow in the dark making the whole project dreamy at night. Each kit comes with its own LED fairy lights allowing your child to play with them at night and illuminate their imaginary world into life.

All the accessories are made from the highest quality materials that are sturdy and durable. They can withstand harsh weather and are waterproof protecting the plants around the garden kit. The set also comes with wheatgrass seeds that grow fast.


  • The garden kit is made of high-quality materials
  • It makes a fun DIY project
  • It’s great for science projects
  • It comes with LED fairy lights
  • It comes with painting accessories
  • It comes with planting seeds


  • The paint included takes time to dry

WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Kit

This is a handcrafted garden kit that is best for fantasy and wonderland enthusiasts. It’s a perfect gift for both kids and adults. You can be assured that wherever you decide to place them it will turn magical.

Wild Pixy fairy garden set is handcrafted to attract all the magical creatures to your backyard. The set comes with 13 miniature accessories that are made of high-quality resin to help make memories for years.

The cottage doors open for realistic effect and glow by night powered by mystical LED lights that charge during the day using solar panels. The kit includes a colorful cottage, miniature fairy figurine, a bridge, a bench, a chair, glow pebbles, and stepping-stones.

It is the perfect gardening gift for your kids to add to their fantasy collection. The fairy garden would look great in the outdoor gardens, around the ponds, and indoor terrariums. It would also make a great motivator for beginner and experienced gardens. It makes you feel like you have little friends looking out for your plants.

This garden set comes in a beautiful designer box with a lovely note for you. It is easy to set up with full instructions included. You can use it as part of garden supplies to encourage your kids to learn gardening, soil, plants, growing, and harvesting. It would create the perfect bond time during all these activities.


  • It comes with a complete set of 13 accessories
  • It glows at night
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • The ornaments are durable and sturdy
  • They make a colorful collection


  • Only one lonely fairy

Our Verdict

Fairy gardens are magical and encourage creativity. Some come fully designed with solar fairy houses that light up at night, others come with more accessories and ornaments to ring your garden to life.

You can build your own little wonderland and attract magical creatures to your backyard. All you need is to scout for the right garden kit and place them strategically outdoors or indoors to charm your family and friends with your whimsical garden.

Check out each of the top five enchanted fairy house kits you would love and make your order today!

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